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Artisan Welsh Honey


Whats the buzz?

From the moment the suggestion of keeping bees was introduced to me by two of my now close friends, at no point did I realise what a passion it would become. 

From the complexities of the colony to the broad range of flowers the bees forage, its opened up a fascinating world for me. I would like to share an element of that with you. 

I am a small artisan producer and have limited quantities of honey and beeswax available throughout the season but that’s what makes it special. Please see the “Where you can find me” page to see where you’ll find me next. 


Taste the difference in Quality

My honey is prepared for you straight from the hive, Its gently spun to remove it from the beautiful honeycomb cells the bees have filled, cold filtered through metal sieves to remove any wax pieces and after a little time to rest to allow any bubbles In the honey to escape its jarred and sealed ready for you to open and enjoy.

My honey isn’t pasteurised or heat treated nor excessively filtered to remove all traces of pollen like some, I believe that all that’s good should be retained for you to taste. The taste and character of my honey changes due to the differing seasons. thus capturing the Welsh countryside in all its splendour for you to treasure.


Every batch is unique due to the forage at that time of year.


"You can really taste the flowers."


Where you can find me?


Farmers markets and local events

Usk farmers market 2019 upcoming dates: Sat 6th April, Sat 20th April, Sat 4th May, Sat 18th May, Sat 1st June , Sat 15th June, Sat 6th July, Sat 20th Jul9, Sat 3rd August, Sat 17th August, Sat 7th September, Sat 21st September, Sat 5th October, Sat 19th October, Sat 2nd November, Sat 16th November, Sat 7th December, Sat 21st December, Monday23rd December.

Abergavenny Farmers Market: Last Thursday every month, 9am until 14.30pm: Thursday 28th March, Thursday 25th April, Thursday 23rdMay, Thursday 27th June, Thursday 25th July, Thursday 22nd August, Thursday 26th September, Thursday 24th October, Thursday 28th November, Thursday 12th December.

Abergavenny Street food & Craft Night Market 2pm-10pm:

Thursday 18th April, Thursday 23rd May, Thursday 27th June Thursday 25th July, Thursday 22nd August, Thursday 26th September, Thursday 24th October, Thursday 12th December.

More events to be added across the season.


Blaenavon Cheddar - The Blaenafon Cheddar company,
80 Broad st. Blaenafon. Torfaen. NP4 9NF

Big pit national coal museum - Blaenavon, Torfaen NP4 9XP

D Townsend Family butchers - 5 Church Ave, Trevethin Pontypool NP48DH

Parc Pantry - 163-165 Larch Grove, Newport NP20 6LA

The Marches Deli - 16 Nevill St, Abergavenny NP7 5AD

The Marches Deli - 102 Monnow Street, Chippenham House,

Monmouth NP25 3EQ

If you would like to stock any of my product range please get in touch or call 07904789299

Many Thanks